Louise G

This is a lovely way of decorating with flowers.

You will use Eye Candy and my fillings. Rightclick and take "Save picture as..."
and put them in your PSP Image map.

Start with a New Image 200 x 350, transparent.

New Layer. Call it Bottom. Preset Shapes. Color Foreground #C0C1DF, background #E8E9FB.
Make an oval 150 x 250. Flood fill with the color or pattern you like. I used my satin-like filling.

Magic Wand. Click outside the oval. Selections, Invert. New Layer call it Glass. 
Effects, Cutout with following settings.

Keep the picture selected and get a New Layer. Call it Spots.
Airbrush 7. Make white marks like I did.

Effects, Blur, Gaussian Blur 8. Deselect. Close layer Bottom.
Layers, Merge, Merge Visible.
Duplicate that layer and lower the Opacity to 50 on both layers. Layers, Merge, Merge Visible.
Call the layer Glass.

Keep the picture still selected. New Layer, call it Frame. Selections, Modify, Expand 5.
Fill the area with the color of your choice. I chose #E6B84C. Keep the picture
still selected. Selections, Modify, Contract 8. Delete.

Eye Candy, Crome. Settings like this.
On Bevel Profile you use: Tint Color #F6DA9E, Highlight color, white .

It looks like this now.

Close Bottom Layer and Merge Visible. Call it Glass.

Now we will make the knob. New Layer. Call it Knob.
Preset Shapes, Ellipse. Foreground and background color #DAC060. Make a circle 20 x 20.
Keep Shift down while you drag. It makes the knob round.

Eye Candy, Crome, the same settings as before.
Put the knob in place at the top of the glass.

New Layer. Call it Ring. Preset Shapes. Color, Foreground #DAC060. Background closed.
Antialias checked. Line width 6. Make a circle 45 x 45.
Eye Candy, Crome. The same settings. Effects, Inner Bevel as below.

Drag Ring Layer under Knob Layer in your Layers Palette.
Close Bottom Layer. Layers, Merge, Merge Visible. Call it Glass.

New Layer. Call it Band. Preset Shapes, Pentagon, line width 6.
Make it 45 x 70. Foreground and Background, Pattern, bluesatin.
Put the band on top of the ring, like this.

Stand on Layer Band. Magic Wand. Click outside the band. Selections, Invert.
Keep the picture selected. New Layer.  Selections, Modify, Expand 2.
Fill with color #DAC060. Deselect. Eye Candy, Crome. The same settings.
Drag this layer under Layer Band in your Layers Palette.
Close Layer Bottom.  Layers, Merge, Merge Visible. Call it Glass.

And now to the fun part.
To put something inside the medallion.
You can use my suggestions or make some new ones.
Close Layer Glass. Stand on Layer Bottom. Copy and paste your picture on a New Layer.
The flowers I used here are in size 150 x 143. Put them at the centre of the picture.
To give the flowers a little depth, use Effects, Drop Shadow as below.

Open Layer Glass again, Layers, Merge, Merge Visible and there is your picture!

Hope you liked my tutorial.