If you like, you can put the feathers together and make an Easter Wreth like I did.
But first you must do a lot of different feathers. This is a tutorial how to make an easy feather.

 Just save it in PSP-format and you can make some nice pictures.

Start with a New Image 300 x 300, transparent, 16 mill.
New Layer. Foreground a solid color, Background a gradient color.
Make sure your Foreground color is one of your Background colors.
I'll use a Gradient called Rainbow.

Therefore I use one of the colors in Rainbow. I chose a blue one. Use your Dropper Tool.

Preset Shapes, Teardrop. Make the drop about 80 x 230.

Effects, Geometric, Spiky Halo as below.

Duplicate this layer three times, to make the feather a bit thicker.
Merge, Merge Visible. That is all!
Quick and easy, wasn't it?

You can also try different settings with Spiky Halo
and you can use Wave and Gaussian Blur1 as well.
Look at my feathers below and get inspired.